We Design Your Entire Email Marketing Drip

Our email marketing service includes designing the entire drip series based on your database. This involves creating a lead nurturing email for cold leads so that they start re-engaging with your brand. We ensure that we track all of our drip email activity so that you can have a better insight on your lead engagement.

We write all of your emails

Email marketing is extremely effective when done right. Our copywriters understand how to approach your audience based on your brand and previous interactions with your prospects. Whether you are a B2B, B2C or an e-commerce company, we got you covered. Our emails are written to have the maximum engagement and interaction. The call to action texts will also be created to ensure that we drive traffic back to your website.

We Share Engagement Reports

Once the campaigns are running we will send out reports about your entire email drip series so that you are aware of which emails and working best for your business. In fact, we will use the data from our reporting to help improve your email marketing campaign.