Landing Page Design & Optimization Tools That We Use

The Importance Of A Good Landing Page

A good landing page that matches your ad copy can have the following effect on your marketing campaign:

Lower Cost Per Lead

A landing page that performs well with your ad campaigns will ensure that your cost per lead is down. This is due to a number of factors like the ad quality score and better conversion rate.

Better Quality Leads

The message you you convey on your landing page is absolutely crucial in determining what kind of leads are you generating. If you conversion rate is really high with lots of low quality underrated leads, then it’s a problem. Our landing page experts ensure that our landing page copy matches your product or business perfectly. This ensures that your leads are high quality and engaging.

More Sales

Higher quality leads from your landing page leads to more sales. We understand this simple philosophy. All of our landing page optimization is geared towards generating more sales for your business.

What’s Included With Our Landing Page Optimization Service

A/B Testing Reports

We will launch not one but multiple versions of your landing page and test which one performs better. In that way we can transfer more traffic to the top performing version in order to increase your conversion rate. if you are not a professional marketer, A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to get more leads at a lower cost per lead.

Custom Illustrations and Landing Page Copy

When we say landing page optimization some business owners might think it’s just technical improvement. While technical improvement is definitely part of our package, we will also create custom illustrations and landing page copy to create the ultimate experience for anyone visiting your site through PPC campaigns.

Connect Your Landing Page With Your Favourite CRM

We will ensure that the leads you get through the landing page is automatically transferred to your favourite CRM or email marketing software. In case you are looking for an advanced conditional connection, take a look at our marketing automation service page for more on what we have to offer.

You Own All Creatives & Design

This is something that we feel is important to mention to all of our clients. All of the creatives and the landing page copywriting that we do for you belongs to you. We do not hold back any of these assets regardless of whether you are our client. We will even email you all of the raw files for the graphics.