To be successful in the industry, business must follow where the customers are. Mobile phones are not only limited for phone calls; however, SMS marketing is utilized as direct channel to market products and services. SMS marketing is extremely versatile and moderate medium to connect with customers. It is billion-dollar industry exerted by every business to connect with existing customers and attract new customers. It has proven exceptionally instinctive for business as messages are delivered instantly without relying on internet connection. Text messages can also be deliverable to basic mobile handsets without necessity of Smartphone. As mobiles are handy anytime, successful deliverables are high compared to other marketing medium.

In the current marketing trend, every marketer has affirmed that no other strategy has proven to provide wide reach as text messages. However, the challenge is, not many organizations know how to use SMS marketing effectively. Years of experience in text marketing has shaped Supraja Technologies to be the leader in generating leads through text messages. Despite the growth of social media and messaging applications, texts are key component for successful and engaging ways of connecting with extensive customers. We employ web based interactive communication to connect with customers and provide cost effective bulk SMS services to reach the right audiences in short period as bulk SMS offers power to reach broad array of customers instantly. It is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and revenue. An average of thousands of texts will be sent per hour by our executives. The most challenging responsibility in SMS text marketing is character limitation, and our professionals are expert in conveying the right message within the limited characters.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

  • Broadcast messages to right set of targeted audiences
  • Instant delivery
  • Interactive medium for communication
  • Independent of internet connection
  • Cost effective marketing strategy
  • Instant and faster results
  • Potential way to capture new customers
  • Limited characters ensures legibility of messages

Supraja Technologies SMS Marketing Features

Supraja Technologies has employed optimistic vibe and threaded to weave successful SMS marketing strategy.

Our features include:

  • Manage customer database in specific groups
  • Optimizing text message with keywords, short code and providing call-to-action
  • Convenience to schedule messages based on specific audiences
  • Sending bulk messages simultaneously
  • Affordable text messaging prices
  • Maintain log of messages sent and delivery reports

  • Broadcast messages about promotions, remainders, coupons and updates
  • SMS tracking services and 2 way communication facilitated
  • Replies are tracked and maintained separately
  • Maintenance of detailed activity of each campaign reports
  • Round the clock support service